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    Chazalettes & Co. Vermouth de Torino Rosso

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    This gorgeous, red wine based Vermouth di Torino has been recreated according to the authentic recipe of Clemente Chazalettes, dating back to 1876. While most rossos are typically made with a base of white wine, before colourings such as caramel are added, the Chazalettes Vermouth Rosso uses the Bava family’s own Barbera as the base wine, with a touch of Nebbiolo. “You get a very different reaction between the red wine and the extracts,” says Roberto Bava, “The tannins [in the wine] react to the spices and bitterness and evolve in a different way over time.” The resulting Vermouth has a richer colour and a more solid chewiness to the flavour than modern examples. Alongside Piemonte wormwood, the resurrected 1876 recipe takes in Piedmontese herbs, marjoram and musk mallow alongside more far-flung botanicals in sandalwood, mace, galangal, clary sage, cinchona bark and coriander. Each botanical is individually prepared, with the maceration time ranging from a few days up to many weeks.