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    White wine is when a winemaker uses light coloured grapes and presses the grape juice off of the skins before fermentation. This gives the wine the classic yellow colour and heavily affects the flavour.

    What does white wine taste like? White wine flavours can range from bright and acid driven to rounded and buttery, from fruit forward to textural minerally adventures. Where a white wine is from in the world can heavily influence the flavours. White wine from cool climate regions are generally high in acidity with flavours being that of tart fruit whereas warm climates produce wines that are generally low in acidity with ripe fruit flavours.

    There are hundreds of white wine grape varieties, but here are a few to get you started.

    Riesling is found in cool to moderate climates such as Tasmania and Pfalz, the wines are generally high in acidity with flavours ranging from green fruit and citrus to dried fruit and gasoline.  

    Pinot Gris/Grigio originates in Burgundy but is now found right here in Australia, Pinot Gris can range from medium to high acidity with flavours like green fruit, citrus and stone fruit.

    Chardonnay is found in cool to warm climates and is greatly affected by this. Cool climate regions such as Chablis produce wines of high acidity that are light to medium bodied and have flavours of green fruit, citrus and minerality. Moderate climate regions such as Adelaide Hills and Yarra Valley are medium to high acidity and medium to high body with flavours of stone fruit and sometimes tropical fruit. Warm climate regions are medium to low acidity, high body and flavours of ripe stone fruit and tropical fruit.

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