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     Red wine is when a winemaker uses dark coloured grapes and ferments the grape juice on the skins. This gives the wine the classic red colour and heavily affects the flavour.

    What does red wine taste like? Red wine flavours can range from fresh berries to cooked dark fruit, from tart cranberry to forest floor. But the thing most people associate with red wine are the tannins. Tannins are most simply described as that rough feeling you get on your tongue when drinking red wine and are heavily influenced by using skins during fermentation (this is why we don’t find tannins in white wine)

    There are hundreds of red wine grape varieties, but here are a few to get you started.

     Pinot Noir is found in cool to moderate climates such as Tasmania and Gippsland, the wines are generally light in tannin and high in acidity with flavours ranging from red fruit to forest floor.

    Sangiovese originates in Tuscany but can now be found in Australia as well, Sangiovese is medium to high tannin with high acidity and flavours of cherry, leather and herbs.

    Shiraz/Syrah is found in moderate to warm climates such as Northern Rhone and the Barossa. Syrah from Northern Rhone is medium to high tannin with flavours of dark fruit, black pepper spice and herbaceous. Whereas in the warmer climates such as Barossa wines will be high tannin with cooked fruit and chocolate flavours.