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    We're Act of Wine -

    We Love Enjoying Ridiculously Good Wine!

    Specialising in:
    - Minimal Intervention, Hands-Off & Natural Wine
    - Biodynamic/Organic Viticulture & Harvested by Hand
    - Independent Producers & Small Batch Winemakers
    - No Use of Animal Products



    We opened our Southbank store and this online store in 2018, as a perfect neighbour and sister store to our organic grocer/café, Broad Bean Organic Grocer. Act of Wine showcases a wide range of wines both local and from all over the globe. Come and visit us to check it out! 

    We support smaller producers who focus on sustainable viticulture, avoiding the use of synthetic fertilisers and harsh pesticides, focusing on the health of the soil, the vines and the fruit. The wines are made with utmost respect using minimal intervention and limited or no addition of sulfur to allow the true expression of the fruit and region. These passionate producers make wines using fruit of many different varietals and results, but the one thing in common is the intimate connection between the winemaker and the entire process from vineyard to bottling - the 'Act of Wine'.

    It is through this 'Act of Wine' that we encourage thought and conversation about the whole process of winemaking from soil to glass to promote an appreciation of wine beyond the flavour profile. Or simply drink and enjoy, it's up to you!

    Some of our wines are fun and follow the ‘don’t think just drink’ school of thought; others contain more depth and character, which will encourage thought and analysis. Get in touch if you want advice on the perfect wine for your occasion.