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  • Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio + Friends

    Pinot Gris is a natural mutation of Pinot Noir and is named 'Pinot' after the pine cone shaped clusters of the grape bunches.

    Originating from Burgundy, it has gained in popularity over time and nowadays we consume Pinot Gris / Grigio predominately from the New World, especially right here in our cooler regions of Mornington Peninsula, Canberra District, South Gippsland and across the ditch in Tasmania and New Zealand.

    Pinot Gris is enjoyed as a 'white' wine (fruit is pressed and skins discarded), however is growing in popularity as an 'orange' wine where the skins and seeds macerate in the juice for a short period of time before being removed, imparting a gorgeous pinkish/amber hue to the wine as well as phenolics bringing texture, aromatics and natural preservatives lowering the need for additions.

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