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    2023 Gentle Folk 'Vin de Sofa'

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    The light red delicious lip smacking spicy vibrant little number is back and ready to go!

    It’s a long-standing dream of Gareth’s to make "a wine that you love to drink with your family over lunch," thus Vin de Sofa is built for purpose. It’s mostly Sangiovese cause it just works in the hills. It grows well, ferments well, and with decent yields. Sangiovese and Syrah come from the Turnbull vineyard, Merlot comes from Norton Summit, and Gamay and Pinot come from Woodside. Raspberry and cranberry deliver a juicy-crunch and tang, followed by amaro-like herbs and spices and a hit of white pepper. Nervy energy and puckering acid thanks to a long cool year. Best stored in a bar fridge next to the sofa.

    Serve below room temp or chilled. 

    13% alc.