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    2023 DEFIALY 'The Fizzy One' Pet Nat

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    About The Wine

    Here is your new go to Pet Nat! Super clean and a little savoury, with flavours of fresh berries and red fruits.

    About Defialy

    Micah Hewitt's inspiration for DEFIALY can be placed in a few places understandably a great appreciation for quality produce and land. But most significantly would be his parents and their love the shared for each other as well as Micah and his sister Amber. DEFIALY is an acronym for "Don't ever forget I'll always love you" which is Micah's way of carrying on his parents tradition of signing all cards with DEFIALY

    Region: King Valley, VIC

    Country: Australia

    Alcohol: 11.4%

    Vintage: 2022

    Size: 750ml

    Closure: Crown Seal

    Varieties: Sangiovese, Tempranillo

    Additional Info: Don’t Ever Forget I'll Always Love You