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  • Tschida

    Christian is spearheading a new wave of great Austrian producers with a non-apologetic, genuine and credible approach.

    Christian farms 10 hectares of land in Neusiedlersee region of Burgenland which is a particularly unique microclimate within Austria due to its moderating influence of the vast Lake Neusiedlersee nearby. The vineyard has been in the Tschida family for 4 generations with Christian currently looking after the vineyard.

    What’s so exciting about the Tschida wines is the hands off approach to winemaking and viticulture. In most people’s minds we picture pristine vineyards with perfectly spaced rows of grape with perfectly groomed ground around it. However with the Tschida vineyards it is not a surprise to see wild looking parcels that are overgrown with cover crops. This actually has a purpose (he is not just lazy) its used to preserve biodiversity in the vineyards and force the vines to bury their roots deep into the soils in search of nutrients.

    This hands off approach continues through to the winemaking process with the use of traditional winemaking techniques and no use of technologies. This is truly natural wine!

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