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  • Cantina Giardino

    Cantina Giardino seek to preserve old vineyards in the Southern region of Irpinia, Campania. The project is run by Antonio and Daniela, however when it first started some 10 years ago, it was a collaboration with another four friends - Davide De Gruttola, Pasquale Giardino, Antonio Corsano and Nadia di Gruttola. In 2010 they bought five hectares of their own land, with vines ranging from 80 to 100 years old.

    Daniela and Antonio are a dynamic couple - evidenced by the fact that their wines, originally made in their garage, have managed to find their way onto shelves in all corners of the world. It becomes very apparent upon drinking them just how very alive they are, they exude personality and challenge the boundaries of modern wine making with their honest renditions of these ancient grape varieties.

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