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  • Biodynamic Wines

    Biodynamic wines are made according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

    These principles respect the soil as a complex, living organism whose health is vital and intrinsically connected to the health of the vines and their fruit. Biodynamics go well beyond shunning synthetic pesticides and fertilisers and focus on the viticulture practices improving the soil health by giving more than is taken away.

    Biodynamic preparations are used to support and nurture the living soil and the winemakers follow rhythms of nature when pruning and harvesting.

    Some winemakers such as Hochkirch Wines, The Wine Farm, Alkina, Cullen Wines and many more have their vineyards certified by a body such as Demeter Bio-dynamic.

    All in all, biodynamics takes a lot more attentiveness, responsibility and manual work, but the results are well worth it.

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