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Notes from importer, Liz Carey:

Production of MUZ began around 8 years ago when Bar Brutal first opened in Barcelona. Owners Joan Valencia and Stefano asked Massimo and Antonella to produce them a house Vermouth. Over the years as Bar Brutal became more widely known, and equally Partida Creus, requests and demands for MUZ came from many markets, including Australia. I fondly remember 5 years ago bringing a bottle home in the suitcase, and the following year Nuria having to bring me a bottle in her suitcase when she came for harvest. That now feels like many moons ago, and thankfully MUZ is now produced in more volume. 
The base is a blend of young red wine, aged red wine and oxidative white wine, all from Certified Organic grapes. Massimo will never divulge full details of the aromats, but the information he has told me is that it's a mixture of 51 botanicals (including citrus skins, flowers, oriental spices, roots and herbs) that macerate in the alcohol for 2 lunar moons. Anto & Massimo hail from Piedmonte, the botanicals they use come from a herbalist in Torino who’s great grandfather prepared the recipe in 1870.

There's no added sugar here, the palate is a sensory overload of bitter herbs and bark with an exotic spice lick, reminding me a little of the flavour profile of Capellano Chinato. Fresh and not cloying, this aromatised wine lingers long. Cocktails, Negronis, over ice with a wedge of orange as an aperitif or served chilled and poured as a digestive, it has incredible versatility. I always have a bottle in the fridge and I'm very pleased its back for summer. 

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