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    Outlandish Claims Bitter Tonic Rosé

    • $44.00


    It’s Vermouth, but not as we know it. Thanks Bryan Martin, you’ve amazed us with your creativity yet again. This is a place where vermouth-nerds and sherry-nuts can unite. The base is 100% Nebbiolo, which started life as rosé and was aged under flor (like sherries from Jerez). This oxidated wine style provided the base for a tincture of blood orange, cinchona, wormwood, coriander, juniper and pepperberry leaf (enter vermouth).

    This is fresher and zestier than your average rosso, so it’s probably going to find it’s happy home as an aperitif (with a side of manzanilla olives). However its firm body and unfiltered nature will see it sliding into a dirty Negroni, Manhattan or our own Bryan Martinez: 45mls Poor Toms Fools Cut, 30mls Outlandish Claims Rose, 10mls Maraschino Liqueur, dash of Angostura Bitters; stir all ingredients and pour into a chilled coupe. Garnish with an orange rind.