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    2020 Nikau 'Tonimbuk' Pinot Noir

    • $95.00


    Pinot Noir of various different clones from the Tonimbuk site, including 777, D27, 114,115 D5V12, MV6 and Pommard

    42 year old cane pruned vines on weathered granite in a spectacular and isolated location. The vineyard sits on the valley floor surrounded by old volcanic hills and large granite outcrops. It is the gravels and sediments of these features that have slowly made their way down to form the base that these vines now grow out of.

    It’s fair to say that I have somewhat fallen in love with Pinot Noir in recent years. The infatuation has led me go down the rabbit hole seeking truth and transparency of place, soil and vines.
    To achieve this level of transparency It was crucial for me to do a few things. Or not do a few things to be more accurate.
    Exclude the use of oak (any age at all) was at the top of that list. Add nothing whatsoever to the wines was an equal second. And exclude any manipulation of the must and wines during any part of the process.

    Essentially the process was .. 100% hand destemmed fruit into a single fermenter, cold soaked and then left for approximately 14 days after ferment begun. Pressed to stainless steel where the wine remained until bottling.
    There was no movement of the tank, no racking, no pumps, no adds at any stage.

    The result I think speaks for itself. A truly elegant & complex wine which has beautiful cohesion and restraint. The fine mineral structure it has is very reflective of the quartz granite it has it’s roots in and the volcanic hills that surround. This is as pure as it gets.

    I am immensely happy with this one !

    Notes provided by Dane Johns - Winemaker.