2020 Lucy M Le Vilain Gris Petillant - PRESALE

Lucy M

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Please note, quantities on these wines are limited so we ask that you bear that in mind when ordering and don’t take more than two bottles of any particular wine. This is a presale and the wines will be shipped once they arrive.

How the wine was made: The grapes are destemmed and left to rest for 5 days allowing the colour and flavour to bleed into the juice. Is then pressed and fermented in 800L ceramic amphora for two weeks until there is the perfect amount of sugar to finish in bottle with a good level of spritz. Then aged on lees in bottle for four months and then disgorged.

An alluring beautiful transsentient copper colours rising to frangipani caramel bubbles. So fresh and tart with kumquat blossoms and burnt orange zest dancing on your tongue, truely quenching quinoa bark crunch, yes, yes!

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