2020 Konpira Maru Tender Cat

Konpira Maru

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From the boys at Konpira Maru:

Proper Konpira Maru party starter this one, in fact it is recommended to be consumed with a straw on the walk to the party (or on the train… remember feet off the seats, look cool). A wine without pretension, in fact it is so short on pretension that it's almost annoyingly humble. A true taste of vintage… solidsy, a tiny bit sweet, epic raspberry, soft and mellow. Made in memory of the original Tender Cat, a colossus of a human.

Who was charged with making this party starter, you ask? A wine so comforting and so heart-warming it would have saved Scott of the Arctic? None other than two of Konpira Maru’s star cellarhands, Jack ‘Little Pinky’ Cahill and Joe Michael ‘Powertrain’ Bruce, the man with three first names. Combining Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier in a Beautiful Mind-style blending computation lock-in for the ages.

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