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    2020 Fond Cyprès - Cyprès de Toi Malbec Rosé

    • $44.00


    This is made from grapes grown by friends in Cahors (certified organic), it is strawberry kissed - the energising berry and floral flavours complement the wines a attractively piquant edge. A firm favourite for the summer months, this direct press of Malbec is bright and fresh, and with the 2020 vintage coming in at just 11.5%, it’s a wine for every time of day.

    The vineyards are treated as natural as possible, and no work is spared to keep the vines in top and healthy condition. No herbicides and no spraying. During vintage, there is strict selection already made in the vineyards, and only fruit of vines older than 30 years is retained. Naturally, this is hard work to yield consistently healthy, perfect fruit year after year.

    The fermentation room is equipped with high quality but basic equipment but it's use is for the sole purpose of allowing the least intervention in the natural wine making process. It is incredible to see how clean the room is, even during busy vintage time. The fruit of all vineyards are similarly treated, and everything is done by gravitation until the fermentation in concrete.

    Even the sorting table is raised above the floor to allow free fall of the sorted berries into the destemmer, saving the use of conveyor belt widely used by other domains to lift the berries to the crusher. The fruit is nearly all destemmed at an extremely low speed. This allows only undamaged grapes to get into the fermentation tank, to follow what
    Rodolphe calls “intra cellular fermentation”, meaning, the majority of the fermentation process occurs inside the grape before the skin breaks completely.

    This is the manner of Ponsot, Pacalet, Prieure-Roch and of course Cossardand Rodolphe continues to follow this tradition. Naturally, only the grapes’ natural yeasts are the ones responsible for the fermentation process.

    These wines are marked by wonderful purity and bright vibrant fruit they are bottled with minimal use of or no sulfur; bottling is done by hand at the domaine. No fining or filtering is needed, since the wines are naturally clear after the 16-20 months elevage.