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    2020 Cantina Giardino 'Glu Glu' Bianco

    • $52.00


    Region of Italy: Irpinia, Campania

    Producer: Cantina Giardino

    Vintage: 2020

    Vitigno: Coda di volpe bianco

    This wine may be a one-off project as it was made with a parcel of coda di volpe bianco in Montemarano that could not get harvested in time before three weeks’ non-stop rain. The grapes were only picked on 9th November and as a result of all that water the wine is a glou glou wine of deliciousness, with only 10% alcohol. Two days maceration on skins and fermentation and ageing in stainless steel.

    Service tips: Serve at 8-10 C.