2019 Lucy M Piquette Rouge

Lucy M

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From Magpie Springs in the Hope Valley 

From Anton: 

"Piquette: Derived from the French word for “prick” or “prickle,” which describes the drink’s slight fizz, piquette dates to ancient Greek and Roman times, when it was known as lora. Made by pouring water over fresh promace and was traditionally given to slaves and field workers.In France, piquette is said to have been the preferred drink of vineyard workers at the lunch table, as its low alcohol encouraged post-lunch productivity rather than an alcohol-fueled stupor.

How the wine was made: After pressing our best merlot the promace (grape skins) are put back in a fermenter and covered with water and allowed to ferment for 4 days, to extract the remaining sugar and flavour. The wine was drained away from the skins and dosaged with a fermenting merlot juice and bottled. After six month in bottle the wine was discouraged.

Notes: This style of wine is perfect of the summer. It’s bubbly crimson funness explodes in the glass and intense raspberry leaf, rose-hip tea like characters make their merry way down the gullet. Yum 4.5% death to the beer industry!!!!"


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