2019 Express Winemakers Drinking Wine

Express Winemakers

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Express Winemakers is a young winemaker named Ryan O’Meara who has made it a mission to seek out the best vineyards in the South-eastern corner of WA and produce a range of exceptional single vineyard wines. Ryan is constantly searching for exciting new vineyard sources, keeping an open mind to new regions and varieties, as well as different styles of wine. Coming from a beer background he sees winemaking as a chance to experiment with many different fermentations and techniques, always coming up with interesting methods and blends.

The ‘Drinking Wine’ is one of these inventive blends, a bits and pieces wine that with skill and experimentation has become something of a stalwart over the last few years. A red in the frame of a white, by running multiple ferments and extracting just what he wants from each variety, this wine remains, juicy, interesting and thirst- quenching. Does what it says on the label!

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