2018 Courselle Les Copines

Sylvie & Marie Courselle

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Sylvie and Marie Courselle are based in Bordeaux
but don’t expect classic Bordeaux from these two. Unafraid to break from tradition, they encouraged their father to plant Shiraz and Chardonnay which they would blend with more classic Bordeaux varieties. Their risk paid off handsomely and their wines are happy, festive and made to be enjoyed with friends. A phrase they commonly say, sums them up very well, “don’t forget, empty glasses remain full of memories!”

This is such a delicious wine. A skin contact blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon with a bit of Chardonnay thrown in for good measure. It’s so aromatic with underripe tropical notes, and lemon zest. Apple skin acidity with a nice and textural mouthfeel and a good lengthy finish.

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