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2019 l'Octavin Corvee de Trou Trou

2019 l'Octavin Corvee de Trou Trou

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The l’Octavin wines are lovingly crafted by Alice Bouvot in her Arbois winery using organic grapes from her 3.6 hectares of vineyards scattered around the outskirts of that beautiful town.

The vineyards, which include some of the best lieu dits (a lieu dit is a named place that has official recognition in France) available including En Curon, La Mailloche, Les Nouvelles and Les Corvées are certified organic by Demeter as are her winemaking methods.

There are absolutely no additions to any of the wines. It is fermented grape juice with the fermentation carried out by the indigenous yeasts. She does not add sulphur at any stage nor does she filter or fine the wines. Octavin is also certified biodynamic by Demeter.

Octavin produces a bewildering array of wines in the tiny winery. Some are classical Jura wines such as the Pamina Chardonnay or the Dorabella Poulsard, while others are fascinating wines with a ‘twist’ such as the Culrond Poulsard which is vinified as a white wine even though the grapes are red or the Zerlina which is a blend of Trousseau with Pinot Noir. Octavin also makes a stunning non-appellated Vin Jaune (called Cherubin) of which we hope to receive a small allocation.

Due to weather conditions over the past few seasons and the tiny amount of wine she can make from her own vineyards, Alice has set up a négoce company that allows her to buy grapes from other regions and make wines from those grapes. Most of these wines are not made with grapes from the Jura wines but they have Alice’s definitive winemaking stamp, just as the négoce wines of the De Moors carry the hallmark of their wines. Alice and her team pick the grapes, often from the same growers each year, and then vinify the wines in her cellar.

Vin de France Corvées de Trou Trou

This wine is a Trousseau made from grapes from Alice’s vines in the Les Corvées vineyard which is close to the village of Montigny-les-Arsures (which is where Michel Gahier makes his lovely Trousseau wines).

This wine was, we think, the beginning of Alice’s move to Vin de France rather than the Arbois appellation when one year its % alcohol was too low to meet the rules for the appellation. Sometime later she made the decision to leave entirely.

It is a fascinating wine and one of our favourites. The flavour is fully developed and very appealing. It usually almost has the colour of rosé but the weight and texture of red winemaking it a very versatile food wine but also perfect as an aperitif. This 2019 vintage it’s slightly closer to looking like a true red wine – just a fraction darker than some vintages.

The grapes were destemmed and macerated for 2 months before pressing. The wine is certified as both organics by Ecocert France and biodynamic with Demeter.

The wine was bottled in May 2020 and has an alcohol content of 11.4%.

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