2017 Travis Tausend Sea Bass

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Notes from Travis:
In 2014/15 I stated to get excited with the idea that in wetter years we as winemakers could accept our fate and start using the flavour of botrytis to add further complexity in wines rather than drop a lot of fruit. So I did a harvest with Sebastien Riffault to learn how he manages to build the layer of complexity in his wines whilst maintaining balance. During that time he taught me how that works in a Sancerre sense, but I had to work out what that meant for Australian conditions. I wanted to make an Australian wine with a narrative of my experience but still managed to speak of the place where it was grown and made.
The harvest for Sea Bass took a month and the fruit was picked on four different occasions. This was done because I believe that by doing so I am able to build a wine that better reflects the growing season and ripening period. In 2017 it was a wet ripening period and as such I have made a wine that has 15% botrytis fruit.
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