2016 Ribela Ribolie

Cantina Ribela

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Daniele Presutti & Chiara Bianchi and are inspiring young growers Roman born and raised. They long held a dream to produce wines from Frascati that were a direct and clear expression of the real terroir, sadly something that had been lost in the mass industrialisation of the area in the past 50 years

In 2014 fortune smiled on them and they discovered a vineyard for sale just 30km outside of Rome. Located in the Castelli Romani Park, their secret garden sits at 320masl in the Pentima Dei Frati valley making it amongst the highest in the zone. It’s surrounded by light forest and planted on volcanic rich soil that is heavily influenced by the nearby volcanic lakes, Nemi & Albano.

Historical farming records kept by the previous owner indicate that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides had ever been used. Daniele & Chiara have continued this today and now follow biodynamic farming principles.

A bright frizzante wine. Undisgorged, which lends quite a nice savoury, yeasty aroma to the wine. Floral and sweet fruit with a dry finish.

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