2015 Podere Sante Marie Toscana Rosso

Podere Sante Marie

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Marino & Luisa Colleoni moved from their native Bergamo to Montalcino in 1993. It was on an evening walk the following year they discovered a patch of old vines buried deep under shrubs on Montalcino’s northern reaches.

They embraced organic viticulture from the start, and are constantly searching for more natural methods. They introduced a natural predator to yellow spider mites that proved just as effective against the pest as the insecticide used by their neighbours. They are currently researching the introduction of a certain spider that eats the roots of oidium in order to reduce (and eventually eliminate) the use of sulphur to protect the vines.

This is 100% Sangiovese and is absolutely so pure and fresh. Cherry and plum with clove spices and a texture like satin. Medium tannin and acid and coming in at 14%!

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