2014 Sylvain Bock Raffut

Sylvain Bock

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A fresh shipment of wines from Tassie based Natural wine importers, Living Wines, has arrived. The notes below are provided by them:

This red wine from the Ardeche exhibits strength, freshness and refinement. Despite the underlying strength of this wine it is ready to drink and to give much pleasure in doing so!

This 100% Syrah has been matured in barrels that are between 2 and 4 years old so that no wood flavours dominate this wine. Sylvain is particularly happy with this vintage of Raffut, describing it as “silky and smelling of violets”!

Sylvain has put two-thirds of the grapes through carbonic maceration to provide the freshness and drinkability that it shows and the remaining third has been fermented traditionally to provide the underlying structure for the wine.

If you like the wines of the northern Rhone then you will love this one!

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