2018 Mosse Moussamoussettes

Domaine Mosse

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A fresh shipment of wines from Tassie based Natural wine importers, Living Wines, has arrived. The notes below are provided by them:

The Domaine Mosse pet nat Moussamoussettes is definitely a cult wine! Every year it keeps getting better and we are more than excited about this year’s offering for two reasons. The first is that many of our friends who have tried it in France this year say it is the best ever! The second is that this year for the first time the main grape variety (60%) is one of our favourite red grapes – namely Pineau d’Aunis – the same grape that goes into some of the fabulous pet nats from Jean-Pierre Robinot.

We love this wine. It is pink, delicious, limpid, very slightly sweet and the perfect aperitif for a spring or summer lunch or evening aperitif.

This year the majority of the grapes were Pineau d’Aunis, supplemented by the local Grolleau Noir variety. The juice was fermented in barrels and bottled when it had reached 18 grams of residual sugar. It then kept fermenting in the bottle until most of the sugar was gone. The result is a perfect example of a pet nat that we look forward to drinking through the spring.

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