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    2021 Konpira Maru 'Disco Pocket' Riesling Vermentino

    • $27.00


    Who would have thought that combining Riesling and Vermentino would give you flavours of Hubba Bubba? Well you and us now I suppose. A summer citrus palate of lemon and passionfruit, or maybe more lemon tart. 4g/L residual sugar makes for a bouncy wine ready for a good ol’ time.

    Best enjoyed with a great mate eating whatever you like!


    Site: Aradale Vineyard, Ararat (Grampian Region), managed by Andrew Davey, and the Chalmers’ Nursery Vineyard, Merbein. Production: 90% Riesling and 10% Vermentino. Fermented as single varities (in different parts of Victoria), both the Vermentino and Riesling spent 12 hours on skins in the press. They were then pressed long and slow over 8 hours to tank for fermentation. The Riesling was sulphured early, halting ferment with a touch of residual sugar to give the wine some fruity bounce and to balance the crisp acidity, it was then settled and racked to tank. The Vermentino component was simply fermented through, racked off gross lees and then stirred regularly in the following month for some texture. The wines were then blended, spending the next 11 months in stainless steel. One racking prior to bottling resulting in a touch a cloudiness. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.