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    2021 Crawford River 'Young Vines' Riesling

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    The Wine:

    A deep, yellow citrus spectrum is the driving force behind this wine. Elements of white florals, Meyer lemon zest and honeydew melon flow throughout, providing freshness and flavour intensity.  A plush, textured palate flows seamlessly from start to finish, with a citrus note providing a clean, balanced finish. Screwcap

    The Vineyard:

    With a view to sustainability and our passion for natural systems, we manage the vineyard without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides.  In 2008, we ceased the use of under-vine herbicide, purchasing an under-vine slasher to control unruly summer grass.  The application of organic compost and mulching of our pruning canes helps maintain our soil health, carbon levels and biodiversity.  We graze sheep in the vineyard after vintage and pruning, avoiding the need for additional tractor passes, while naturally fertilizing our soils! 
    All major activities including picking, pruning and canopy management are done by hand.  

    Young Vines:

    We still see a stylistic difference between the juice of the original blocks of fruit we planted in 1975 and the block planted in 2000. Therefore we  will continue to make the ‘young vines riesling’, now identifiable to so many of our clients.