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Natural Wine

Minimal Intervention - What's It All About?

Made from grapes grown in organically or biodynamically farmed vineyards and without a single thing added, bar a touch of sulfur at bottling and in many cases, none at all. Very minimal intervention is used during the winemaking process.

Zero sulfur is added or if a small amount is added at bottling it is usually less than 50 ppm (parts per million). Fermentation is with wild/indigenous yeast only, naturally present on the healthy fruit, no commercial yeasts are used. This is one of the ways the unique terroir and climate of the vineyard is expressed in the wine.

Fermentation usually takes place in stainless steel tanks, amphora terracotta or concrete 'eggs'. If oak is used it is older, seasoned oak to avoid the oak imparting any flavour. The idea here is to just let the grapes sing, to gently guide them into wine, listening to what they want and need to create a beautiful....and natural....expression.

We are very lucky to have an innovative, entrepreneurial and community-minded culture of natural winemaking in Australia that is recognised and admired internationally. The hotbed being Adelaide Hills, although Natural Wine is being made extremely well in other significant wine regions in Australia with Heathcote and nd Gippsland being great examples.

Once you try Natural Wine you will be hooked. A whole new world will open up for you to discover and enjoy. 

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