2019 Gönc Grape Abduction Rosé


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Peter Gönc will be the first to admit he used to hate everything about wine. As a kid he was reluctant to be apart of the business his family had been in for generations, instead choosing to do whatever jobs he could find that didn’t involve working in the vineyard such as a lifeguard at the local pool. Over time though, he came around to
it and learned how to make wine via the school of Google and YouTube! Learning this way allowed Peter to be unrestricted in his decisions; not following any protocols or methods.

Floral notes of cherry blossom are underpinned by a strong strawberry core, which is also apparent on the palette. Despite that, the finish is quite dry and a refreshing zingy acidity brings this crisp and fun perfect summer wine home. Pair with a falafel tabbouleh salad or shellfish based dishes.

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