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    2017 Domaine Fouassier Sancerre 'Les Chasseignes'

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    The vines are pruned in Guyot formation and vineyard is cultivated according to Organic agricultureand biodynamic methods. The vineyards is a majority of Limestone from Buzançais on lower ‘Kimméridgien’ (60%) and Limestone ‘lités supérieurs’ on upper Oxonian (40%). ‘Les Chasseignes’ is made of vines aged from 30 to 45 years old. Free-run yield average : 40 hl/ha. In the cellar is it a natural fermentation in neutral vessel.

    This is is driven by citrus fruit and mineral. The palate is taut and long. A splendid super fine glass of Sauvignon Blanc, very classic style of the region. A great wine to pair with any dish featuring goat's cheese!