Sicilian Power Pack: Dario Mortellito


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Situated in the South East corner of Sicily.⁠ Val di Noto, famous for the limestone Hyblaean plateau.⁠ Wines offer exceptional texture, freshness and ⁠ true to terroir.⁠
Calaniuru, a juicy blend of Frapato & Nero d’Avola from 25 year old vines and⁠
Calaiancu, a wine with blasts of citrus and salinity made from Grillo & Catarratto from 5 year old vines.⁠

Dario makes all wines Organic, no herbicides, no treatments with chemical and/or synthetic fertilizers, pesticide treatments limited to low doses of copper and sulphur.⁠

These are a must for any texture heads out there.⁠

2019 Mortellito Calaiancu Bianco

A blend of Grillo and Catarratto from Val di Noto on the southern coast of Sicily. Salty and briney, crisp on the palate, seashells and sunshine. The acidity is sharp as a dart which follows a wash of crisp apple and pear notes. Grab a bottle of this, get on down to Ocean Made for some sashimi grade swordfish and have yourself a time.

2019 Mortellito Calaniuru Rosso

A silky and fresh blend of Nero and Frappato from the mastermind Dario Mortellito. The 20 something year old SCUBA instructor cum winemaker consistently produces high quality wines on the southern coast of Sicily. Crisp strawberries, smokey wood, blackberries and cherries. Awash with velvety tannins. Great gear.

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